Raw and construction material supply, backfilling of abandoned quarries and recycling at different locations

HARTSTEINWERKE Vogtland GmbH & Co. KG has many years of experience in raw and construction material. Since 2001 the company has been part of the international active STREICHER Group and since then several company sites have been established.
Today, the company operates eight quarries and three asphalt mixing plants. It offers a wide range of bulk materials out of diabas and granite stones as well as materials like antifreeze, gravel base layers and different splits and double splits.
The diabas and granite stones are suited as supplementary materials for the production of asphalt and concrete as well as for the use as water components and for the filling of gabion cages.
The in-house test laboratory ensures a continuous control of all produced bulk and mixed materials.

Aside from external clients, the purchasers of bulk materials are also the own asphalt mixing plants Hartenstein, Bösenbrunn and Herlasgrün as well as several companies of the STREICHER Group.