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Processing of railway ballast

For a robust substructure of rails a sharp-edged gravel is needed. Due to the rail operation and the related continuous stress of the track bed, this gravel layer is weared out and loses its stabilising effect.

HARTSTEINWERKE Vogtland recycles this removed railway ballast. Thereby, dust and other adverse components are divided from the usable rock. After this process the material can be used within new construction material mixtures, especially to go easy on own resources.

Conditioning of reclaimed asphalt

HARTSTEINWERKE Vogtland uses asphalt granulates of recycling class A as part of antifreeze layers of various grains in several plants. This process, with the help of the recycled asphalt, contributes to relieve the own deposits and furthermore nevertheless to properly use granulates not needed for recycling in asphalt construction.