for soil improvement

With our binding agent TerraBas® we ensure stability!
Binder mixtures for soil improvement and mud conditioning!

At our site in Bösenbrunn, we have the possibility to produce numerous specific building material mixtures based on our own deposit or if necessary, by using supply products such as cement and lime. Our mixing plant in Lauterbach also produces alternative products by using cement or our company own binder and various minerals. The compositions can be individually defined in accordance with their suitability test.

TerraBas® is a hydraulic binding agent. The components are basic rock powder, cement and if necessary, lime. This composition can be adjusted at the factory according to the respective soils and required values. The soil becomes stable, excess water is bounded and the soil structure becomes compressible.
TerraBas® binds water, solidifies soil and seals surface structures on an environmentallyfriendly basis.

Soil improvement with TerraBas®:

  • Stabilisation of the existing unstable subsoil
  • Dam filling, ground levelling
  • Construction roads, canal construction
  • Forest and farm roads

Delivery of TerraBas®

Delivery / Pick-up in a Big Bag

1,000 kg Big Bag
4 lifting slings, spout 35 cm in diameter,
50 cm long, with gooseneck spout
Ideal for mud conditioning or for treatment of small areas!

Delivery / Pick-up with a silo vehicle

approx. 25 t/silo
For spreading with a gritter or integration with a milling machine or similar.
Unloading into silos or mixing plants!

Processing according to ZTV-E!

Reference projects
in the field of soil improvement

BAB A9 Hermsdorf

Customer: STREICHER Tief- und Ingenieurbau Jena GmbH & Co. KG
3,500 t TerraBas® / soil improvement

New construction of Dachser Hof

Customer: Kassecker
2,000 t TerraBas® / soil improvement

New construction of Sennebogen, Straubing

Customer: Joint Venture Max Bögl / MAX STREICHER
4,000 t TerraBas® / soil improvement

S 298 Herlasgrün

Customer: Hoch- und Tiefbau Reichenbach
1,000 t TerraBas®, for KRC (cold recycling) layer

Infantry Vehicle Mainten Grafenwöhr

Customer: Markgraf
6,000 t TerraBas®, soil improvement

FTO Markt Schwaben

Customer: MAX STREICHER GmbH & Co. KG aA
13,800 t TerraBas®, soil improvement
in the field of road and bridge construction

HO 10 Rehau / HO4 Gottfriedsreuth

Customer: Rädlinger GmbH
1,400 t TerraBas® / soil improvement

Kemnath, new construction of secondary school

Customer: Gollwitzer GmbH
1,500 t TerraBas® / soil improvement
Terrain condition / Access areas

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