for sludge conditioning

TerraBas® is highly suitable for the conditioning of all types of sludges.
This product is produced and shipped from our premises in Bösenbrunn.
Whether for dewatering of sewage sludges, pond sludges or HDW blasting sludges, TerraBas® is an environmentally friendly alternative.

  • Environmentally friendly because our basic rock powder serves as raw material
  • High water absorption due to the fineness of the material
  • Setting an optimal pH-value for possible further processing

HPW blasting of sludge stored in containers can also be treated with TerraBas® and conditioned quickly without great effort.

Conditioning of sludges:

  • Rainwater retention basin / pond renovation
  • Sewage sludge and settling tanks / clarifiers clearance
  • Conditioning also for further processing with microorganisms
  • Delivery in BigBags enables good dosing and easy processing

Delivery of TerraBas®

Delivery / Pick-up in Big Bag

1,000 kg Big Bag
4 lifting slings, spout 35 cm in diameter,
50 cm long, with gooseneck spout
Ideal for sludge conditioning or for treatment of small areas!

Reference Projects
in the field of sludge conditioning / sediment clearance

VATTENFALL pump storage plant Markersbach

Customer: Strabag AG Sachsen
2,000 t TerraBas® / conditioning and improvement
Sediments upper basin

Retention basins in Saxony and Bavaria

Highway agencies
TerraBas® in BigBag / conditioning of sludges

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Phone: +49 37421 701-105
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