Natural soil additive according to the fertiliser ordinance.
100% diabase rock of volcanic origin from the Vogtland (Saxony).
Provides your soil with many minerals, micronutrients and silica.

Diabas-primary rock powder is for everyone who wants to cultivate their soil sustainably - from amateur gardeners to organic farmers. It is used as a natural soil additive (§ 2DüG) in horticulture and agriculture.

The powder's essential properties for use in agriculture are its very high buffering capacities and its effects of providing a long-lasting stabilisation of the soil pH values. These will counteract the acidification processes of your soil. The mineral components of primary rock supply your soil with minerals and trace elements that are important for plant growth.
The formation of soil to humus is promoted and increased while the supply of nutrients to your plants is optimised. This is also favored by a high silica content (SiO2 approx. 40%). The use of Diabas-primary rock powder also improves the physical consistencies of the soil and its water retention. This activates soil life and increases soil fertility. The plants become more resistant to diseases and fungi while their growth is nurtured. If added during the composting process, decomposition is accelerated and insect population is reduced. The primary rock powder also reduces unpleasant odors if stirred into herbal manure.

Diabas-primary rock powder has a wide range of application:

  • Your lawns are supplied with an optimum of trace nutrients.
  • The structure of your soil will be improved.
  • Your soil will be supplied with valuable minerals and trace elements.
  • Your plants will become stronger and more resilient.
  • Your harvest will show a higher yield.
  • Fruit trees are strengthened and become more resistant in the long run.
  • Your compost is optimally enriched while insects and unpleasant odors are diminished.
  • Dissolved in water or herbal manure, Diabas-primary rock powder is poured directly onto your plants.
  • Dispersion of Diabas-primary rock powder into an organic waste bin reduces fermentation gases and prevents infestation of decomposing elements with maggots.

You can sprinkle and intermingle Diabas-primary rock powder on or in your soil or use it in dissolved form in water and herbal manure.
Diabas-primary rock powder can be used during all seasons!
An overdose of the soil does not occur!

Scope of application


Recommendation for usage: 1,000 kg / ha / year
Notes: Sprinkle by using a fertiliser spreader

Garden and lawns

Recommendation for usage: 10 - 20 kg / 100 m² / per year
Notes: Sprinkling or sluicing


Recommendation for usage: 10 kg / m³ compost
Notes: Sprinkle in layers, mingle into humus

Fruit and wine growing

Recommendation for usage: 1,000 - 2,000 kg / ha
Notes: Sprinkle

Farmland and forests

Recommendation for usage: 2,000 kg / ha / per year
Notes: Sprinkle

Biodegradable waste bin

Notes: Sprinkle in layers

Typical Composition (mean values of the analyses):

Silica (SiO2) > 40 %  – Calcium Oxide (CaO) > 8 %  – Magnesium Oxide (MgO) > 3.5 %
Aluminum Oxide (Al2O3) > 12 % – Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) > 5 % – Sodium Oxide (Na2O) > 3 %
Phosphor Oxide (P2O5) > 0.4% – Potassium Oxide (K2O) > 0.2

For proper usage in the field of agriculture and for blowing into manure.

Package Sizes

Primary rock powder is available in:

5 l bucket
10 l bucket
25 kg sack
40 x 25 kg sack pallet
1,000 kg big bag
25 t loose powder held in silo truck

For other packaging sizes or regular deliveries, please contact us:

Sales / contact person:
Ms. Katrin Plenk
Phone: +49 37421 701-105
Mobile: +49 151 50376672

Primary rock powder – Diabas

Do not inhale primary rock powder, use a breathing protection device where required.

First Aid Procedures:
If powder gets into the eyes, use water to rinse thoroughly.
Seek the advice and help of a physician if problems should occur.

Keep powder in a dry storage and inaccessible to children.

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