Applicable for stable hygiene, manure treatment and as spread for biogas plants

Diabas-Primary Rock Powder is a basic silicat-content rock powder which binds nitrogen and provides a favorable environment for numerous valuable microorganisms. The main components are silica, calcium, magnesiumcarbonat as well as diverse micronutrients.
Primary rock powder is used as litter for the improvement of stable hygiene. Most of the liquids and ammonia become bound. This has a positive effect on odor development, the reduction of insect infestation and the reduction of germs. Primary rock powder – a benefit for animal health.

Effectiveness / stable hygiene:

  • Drying the treated surfaces
  • Reduction of the reduction of germs and a gentle increase of the pH-value
  • Reduction of inflammatory skin diseases
  • High silica content that is beneficial for claws
  • Very finely ground, no coarse components, skin-friendly
  • Acceleration of the rotting processes of solid manure and liquid manure
  • Better stable air through ammonia binding
  • Upgrading of the manure
  • Suitable also for organic farming!

Area of application with poultry:

  • Dry bath / add primary rock powder loosely into a tub, a box or similar. Your poultry will love to bathe and scratch in it, so the animals will do the rest by themselves!
  • Mite protection / powdering or sprinkling as a measure against mites (e.g. on floors, perches etc)
  • Spread in the stables for drying purposes and to avoid hardened plates of dung
  • Significant improvement of stable air
  • Device for animal occupation
  • Chemical-free protection for your poultry!

Amounts of use with big livestock

The quantities gieven also depend on the size of the stable!

Structure of a mattress

approx. 200 kg of primary rock powder and straw mixture per box

Renewal of mattress

approx. 80 kg primary rock powder and straw mixture per box

Mixing ratio

1 t of straw : 5 t of primary rock powder : 0,8 m3 of water

Treatment of walking and lying areas

approx. 1 kg / day / livestock unit


Liquid manure treatment / biogas plants:

The high grinding fineness of the diabase rock powder creates a very large surface and thus brings significantly more oxygen into the manure. If fine primary rock powder is used in the liquid manure, it remains in a state of suspension and does not form any sinking layers. The rotting process is accelerated and the manure is enriched with minerals.

Typical composition (mean values of the analyses):

Silicic acid (SiO2) > 40 % – Calcium Oxide (CaO) > 8 % Magnesium Oxide (MgO) > 3,5 %
Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) > 12 % – Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) > 5 % – Sodium Oxide (Na2O) > 3 %
Phosphorus Oxide (P2O5) > 0,4 % – Potassium Oxide (K2O) > 0,2 %


AgraBas® Plus is available in:

5 l bucket
10 l bucket
1,000 kg big bag
25 t loose powder held in silo truck

For other packaging sizes or regular deliveries, please contact us:

Sales / contact person:
Ms. Katrin Plenk
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Primary rock powder - Diabas

Do not breathe rock powder, use respiratory protection if necessary.

First aid measures:
Rinse thoroughly if material gets into contact with eyes. Consult a physician if there should be complications.

Keep in a dry place an out of reach of children

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