Natural soil additive in compliance with the fertilizer ordinance (§ 2 DüG) provides your soil and compost with minerals, micronutrients and silica.

Whether you are a farmer, forester, organic farmer or hobby gardener – diabas primary rock powder is a suitable means for all those who want to cultivate their soil sustainably.
The high contents of silica (SiO2 about 40%) make the primary rock powder essential for use in farming. It promotes the formation of clay-humus complexes and is of crucial importance for soil fertility and soil structure. The depleted soils are thereby replenished as a result of its use.
The contents of micronutrients and minerals optimize the nutrient supply for the plants. This makes them more resistant to fungi and diseases – and in turn has a positive effect on plant growth.
In addition, the physical properties of the soil and water retention are improved through the use of diabas primary rock powder. The soil life becomes more active and the nutrient dynamics between soil and plants is improved. The high buffering capacity and the stabilization of the soil pH-value counteract an acidification of the soil.
Adding Diabas-Primary Rock powder during composting accelerates the rotting process and creates optimal conditions for microorganisms and microbes.Use in liquid manure has also proven to be very effective. By interspersing the powder, the manure becomes more homogenous, plant-compatible and enriched with minerals and micronutrients. The rotting process is accelerated and ammonia is bound.

Suitable for ecological and organic farms. Use the advantages of diabas primary rock powder and improve your soil properties sustainably!
A real alternative also in connection with farm and lime fertilizers.


Advantages for ground and plants:

  • A high proportion of silica promotes the formation of clay-humus complexes
  • Improved nutrient supply through due to enrichment with minerals and micronutrients
  • The basic component optimizes and stabilizes the soil pH- value ph-value
  • Soil leaching of important minerals is counteracted
  • Structure and water storage capacity of soil are improved
  • A more active soil life and better nutrient dynamics
  • Improves composition of soil elements and growth promotion of legumes
  • Plants are optimally supplied with trace nutrients
  • Plants become stronger and more resistant to diseases and fungi


Composting/manure treatment:

  • Refinement of farm manures (organic fertilizers)
  • Improvement of soil tolerance
  • Acceleration of the rotting process
  • Binding of ammonia
  • Increase in the concentration of nutrients
  • Optimizing the conditions for microorganisms
  • Enrichment with minerals, micronutrients, silica ...

Areas of use and recommended quantities of use

These details are guidelines! An overdosing is not possible.


1,000 kg / ha / year

Fields and forest areas

2,000 kg / ha / year

Fruit and wine growing

1,000 - 2,000 kg / ha

Manure treatment

25 to 30 kg / m³


10 kg / m³ compost


Possible uses:

  • Grassland and arable farming
  • Wine growing
  • Growing fruit and vegetables
  • Composting
  • Manure treatment

Typical composition (mean values of analyses):

Silica (SiO2) > 40 % – Calcium Oxide (CaO) > 8 % Magnesium Oxide (MgO) > 3,5 %
Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) > 12 % – Iron Oxide (Fe2O3) > 5 % – Sodium Oxide (Na2O) > 3 %
Phosphorus Oxide (P2O5) > 0,4 % – Potassium Oxide (K2O) > 0,2 %

Packaging sizes

AgraBas® is available in:

25 kg sack
42 x 25 kg sack pallet
1,000 kg Big Bag
Loose in the silo vehicle / saddle
Delivery or direct pick-up from the manufacturer!

For other packaging sizes or regular deliveries, please contact us:

Sales / contact person:
Ms. Katrin Plenk
Phone: +49 37421 701-105
Mobile: +49 151 50376672

Available as:

  • Primary rock powder
  • Primary rock powder fine-grained, 0/2 mm
  • Primary rock powder fine-grained, 0/2 mm – earth damp

Primary rock powder– Diabas

Do not inhale primary rock powder, use a breathing protection device where required.

First Aid Procedures:
If powder gets into the eyes, use water to rinse thoroughly.
Seek the advice and help of a physician if problems should occur.

Keep powder in a dry storage and inaccessible to children.

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