for bound mineral mixtures

TerraBas® bound road shoulder material:

  • Hydraulically bound road shoulder material, earth-moist from the mixing plant
  • Mineral grain according to installation thickness (0/16 mm, 0/32 mm)
  • Integration also possible with road shoulder finisher

TerraBas® bound base course:

  • Alternative for hydraulically bound base course – ready for integration from our mixing plant, suitable as integration finisher (road and sidewalk finisher)
  • for bicycle paths / industrial transportation paths
  • as stable substrate for further construction

Processing / Delivery of hydraulically bound mineral mixtures:

  • Pick-up by truck or in small quantities
  • Free delivery to construction site
  • Processing – installation and compaction – must be carried out promptly
  • Material must not dry out during transport
  • Processing according to ZTV-T!

Reference projects
in the field of bound mineral mixtures

K7870/7871 Rosenbach / Demeusel

Base course with TerraBas

Hämmerling Path in Muldenberg

Forest paths of the region

Road maintenance depots in the area

Road shoulder material for roads of all categories

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